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HARMONY 1hour : Enjoy together a total relaxing massage experience. The most memorable journey of the senses from head to toe.

MYKONIAN CHAMPAGNE EXPERIENCE 1h.15min:A unique experience into a world of luxury, romance and relaxation awaits for you. A heart of flowers on beds, music and candles for all senses, a 5 star Aroma massage with hot mud on pelvic area, head-face massage and a bottle of champagne with 2 glasses will absolutelly spoile you!.

MYKONIAN WINE EXPERIENCE 1h.15min: Indulge yourself with nature’s most desirable gift. Grapes allover your body! First a scrub from grapeseeds and after that a mass of fresh grapes and their juices on you, with all the antioxydant properties and polyphenols. Let yourself go into a wine wonder world, with a head and feet massage and enjoy a great bottle of wine for two!

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