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GREEK HIPPOCRATIC METHOD 1h.30min: Hippocrates considered as the father of physicians and had a high regard for massage. It was one of the primary treatments provided at the greek gymnasiums & baths. Anatripsis was one of his technics (meaning “to rub up”). A combination of pressures on dry skin, brushing with talk powder, cupping in acupuncture points, frictions, “thopies” and joints mobilization, along with olive oil, therapeutic herbs and essence oils to body and head will regaining mental and physical balance.

AEGEAN GRAPE1h.30min : Body scrub/body-face massage/facial treatment. Perfumed with the Greek summer memories. From the Greek winery Avantis Lenga Grape Spa products. Enjoy a innovative treatment and pamper yourself with wine & grape cosmetics with stem cells, polyphenols, resveratrols, grape water & vitamins. Let the majestic grapes from wine varieties syrah & malagouzia reinforce, tone and moisturize your skin with all grapes advantages.

DELUXE CIEL 1h.30min: Facial/body treatment, body wrap. This superior treatment with active components of marine wealth, will help you detox, revitalize, and boost your body, while discharging all the toxins. A deep facial treatment based on sea zeolites and oxygenol will be your skins elixir. Your body will experience a deep exfoliation, a thermal cocoon with thousands active microcapsules that release sea ingredients and a cryotonic mask with all the benefits of sea treasures. This journey will whisk you away to a world of relaxation and will also restore your body and skin.

GENTLEMAN’S RETREAT 1h.30min: Skin brushing/body-face massage/facial treatment. A royal experience from head to toe with a combination of several extravagant treatments in one escape. Skin brushing, Swedish massage and facial treatment will give a fresh and renewed skin.

INSTA BEAUTY 1h.30min: Body /face massage, facial treatment. A beautiful experience will help you create the most amazing glowing skin for the perfect selfie on Instagram. A miracle mix of glow drops and nurishing oils will massage your face and body. A mini hydrating facial ,lip peeling, yalouronic mask and lip plumper ,with a glitter body spray as finishing touch ,will absolutelly turn you into a Insta beauty!.

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