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  • SWEDISH: Based on your personal physiology, this massage combines techniques & essence oils for total relaxation and healing.
  • JETLAG: : A combination for travelers, focused on relief muscle tension and restore balance.
  • COCONUT: An excellent moisturizer and a anti inflammatory treatment with raw organic coconut oil. Protect from drying. Rich in Vitamin D.
  • AROMA SENSE OF TOUCH: The experience of reawakening your senses.A soft massage for deep relaxation with the benefits of your favorite essence oils.
  • FOUR HANDS MASSAGE: The most absolute intense experience. 4hands working together synchronized both sides of your body. One of a kind luxury massage journey.
  • CUPPING MASSAGE: For cellulite or muscle problems.Drastic reduce of cellulite from the very first treatment session. Also increases blood circulation,looses muscle spasms and releases tension.
  • MOXIBUSTION THERAPIE: A traditional therapy utilizing moxa or artemesia herb.Used to warm regions and acupuncture points with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points including a smoother flow of blood and qi.Ideal for cold or stagnant conditions.


  • GREEK HIPPOCRATIC METHOD 1.30h: Hippocrates considered as the father of physicians and had a high regard for massage. It was one of the primary treatments provided at the greek gymnasiums & baths. Anatripsis was one of his technics (meaning "to rub up"). A combination of pressures on dry skin, brushing with talk powder, cupping in acupuncture points,frictions,"thopies" and joints mobilization, along with olive oil, therapeutic herbsand essence oils to body and head will regaining mental and physical balance.
  • AEGEAN GRAPE 1.30h: Body scrub/body-face massage/facial treatment. Perfumed with the Greek summer memories. From the Greek winery Avantis Lenga Grape Spa products. Enjoy a innovative treatment and pamper yourself with wine & grape cosmetics with stem cells, polyphenols, resveratrols, grape water & vitamins. Let the majestic grapes from wine varieties syrah & malagouzia reinforce, tone and moisturize your skin with all grapes advantages.
  • GENTLEMAN'S RETREAT 1.30h: Skin brushing/body-face massage/facial treatment. A royal experience from head to toe with a combination of several extravagant treatments in one escape. Skin brushing, Swedish massage and facial treatment will give a fresh and renewed skin.
  • GOLD QUINTESSENCE 1.30h: Body scrub I body massage I facial treatment.Skin brushing/body-face massage/facial treatment. A royal experience from head to toe with a combination of several extravagant treatments in one escape. Skin brushing, Swedish massage and facial treatment will give a fresh and renewed skin.
*You can prolong the benefits of your treatments and continue the spa experience at home purchasing Avantis vineyards Lenga Grape Spa products used during treatment!


  • HARMONY: Enjoy together a total relaxing massage experience. The most memorable journey of the senses from head to toe.
  • DELUXE: : Indulge your self’s with a private unique experience. Feel luxurious and romantic.A heart of rose petals on beds, music and candles, followed by skin brushing, moxa cones on pelvic area and a 5 star aroma body & face massage. Completed with a bottle of champagne.


  • Let us create your moments with a combination of your favorite treatments from our spa menu. All our journeys can be experienced by booking our therapists for a minimum of 3h.
    •Massage on the yacht or at secluded beach I bachelorette or Bridal party'


  • KIDS STRAWBERRY MASSAGE 45': We welcome our little travelers (aged 6-13} with a gentle and soft massage to legs, feet, arms and back with the delicious aroma of strawberry & chocolate oil. (An adult requested during treatment).
  • MOTHER & DAUGHTER SPA lh: A treatment that create special memories that will last forever. A body scrub and an aroma massage will complete this bonding experience.

Our Services

The best personalized services at your convenience.
Premium services and upscale treatments with holistic approach.
Exclusive massage treatments ,organic and bio products from the famous Greek winery "Avantis".
Indulge in a 24k gold and champagne vip experience and ancient healing secrets from Greece and Asia such is cupping massage and moxa therapie,that will elevate your mind and body.
Enjoy your favorite spa treatment on your yacht,villa,hotel or at secluded beach.
Let us create for you a memorable wellness journey.

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